About Us

The Fact Tuff is an ever-growing knowledge base for the world’s most random and interesting facts.

We have thousands of facts about nearly anything you could think of, from the animals to the most dangerous crimes, locations, structure, world records, history and more. There really is something to please everyone here.

The Fact Tuff History

The Fact Tuff started back in March 2021 by an underachieving college student, Shadab Khan.

His only goal was to share the facts he learned and hope somebody, somewhere would share his love for fun facts.

In April 2021, Funky-Facts had a huge makeover and re-branded to The Fact Tuff. During this year, Luke spent time learning the audience and produced engaging content to boost traffic and reputation.

The Fact Tuff went through many changes to become more professional, and have a better standard of writing. Our facts we’re researched more, and checked against multiple sources. The goal during this period was to provide the best online service for factual information, as well as the most trustworthy source for facts.

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