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A meteorite hits an woman directly in Alabama in 1954


In 1954, an Alabama woman became the first known person to be directly hit by a meteorite — here’s her strange story

Depending on however you cross-check it, Ann Hodges was the very unlucky lady to be hit by a meteorite directly. Statistically speaking, aside from winning the Power Ball lottery, there are few things less seemingly to ever happen to somebody than obtaining a hit by a meteorite. Yet one man’s Christmas was completely ruined in 1965 and his automobile utterly destroyed once a meteor stricken and cut the hood of his latest Vauxhall oral in Leicestershire, England. It had been aloof from a “Merry Christmas” once the little chunk of rock from space-born certain the vacations, uninvited.

According to The Daily Mirror, somebody is stricken or killed directly by an asteroid or another body from space just once every 7000 years. And on Gregorian calendar month thirty, 1954, Ann Hodges from Talladega County, Alabama, was unlucky enough to be that somebody that hits by a meteorite. The area rock didn’t kill her. She survived and has become an unwitting celebrity for a short while. However, it didn’t bring her any luck. On the contrary, it led to a bitter legal battle. Eventually contributory to the breakdown of each her wedding and her mental state. She died on their lonesome in a very institution 20 years when the incident.

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The story goes that the 32-year-old was taking her afternoon nap once she got a true serious warning call, stunned by a nine-pound piece of black rock that born from the sky onto the little city of Oak Grove close to Sylacauga. It crashed through the ceiling, bounced off the radio right next to her, and smashed her left hip.

The poor lady was left with a ghastly trying football-sized bruise and total confusion on what had simply happened. Her mother, United Nation agency Franklyn, was conjointly within the house at the time. They puzzled if perhaps a plane had exploded mid-air. What else may it be? It wasn’t a bomb evidently. The initial fears of each of them, their neighbors, and therefore the authorities was of a potential Soviet attack–it was the conflict era in spite of everything. Neighbors who had witnessed the quick downward fireball followed its path to the Hodges’ home, to supply facilitate and satisfy their curiosity.

Her husband, Eugene, arrived home from work to search out the yard filled with gawkers peeking through the windows. He was staring at his house with a large hole in it and, inside, his mate and his mother were afraid and confused. He referred to as a doctor and therefore the native police, and shortly enough the medics, together with Sylacauga Chief of Police W. D. Ashcraft and therefore the town’s city manager, Ed Howard, were on their threshold.

Ann was examined totally by medical man Moody Jacobs, who assured her family that Ann, though severely contused and swollen, as well and while not severe injuries. He did but admit her to the native hospital a couple of days later therefore she may get some respite from the overwhelming attention. Suspecting it had been a meteorite, Howard and Ashcraft took the rock to native scientist St. George Swindel, who tentatively confirmed it. Later that day, the native authorities bimanual the meteor over the U.S. Air Force for analysis.

Word of the weird event quickly unfold and therefore the Hodges’ property was overrun by curious onlookers and prying reporters who perceived a decent story. Reporters from each tv, radio, and newspaper apparently needed the story concerning the primary person to survive being struck by a meteor. Excited and overcome by the eye, the Hodges were quite happy to talk concerning it initially. However there was no privacy, there was no peace and quiet. The phone was ringing perpetually. so there was the rock from space.

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According to National Geographic and official statements created by the Alabama repository of explanation, wherever the rock is currently on show, Ann believed it belonged to her. “I desire the meteor is mine,” she said. “I assume God supposed it on behalf of me. After all, it hit me!” However, the stone wasn’t in her possession and therefore the house they lived in wasn’t theirs.

She and her husband were tenants to Birdie Guy, a recently unmarried girl who claimed property possession over the currently a lot of talk concerning stone. She needed it for herself and be the middle of the Alabama media craze. This was a massive factor at the time. And she or he needed in. But wherever was the rock from outer space? Neither Ann nor her landlord had it in their possession.

U.S. Air Force Intelligence had sent it to the Smithsonian establishment for any examination and deeper analysis. They believed it had been purported to keep there and be examined for a vast time, till Alabama legislator Kenneth Roberts got concerned and ordered them to come it to the Hodges’.

The general public was currently already on Ann’s facet, nevertheless, the law wasn’t. Their landlord employed a professional and sued them for possession, demand the space-rock was hers since it born on her property. Ann and her husband employed their own professional and vulnerable to counter-sue for injuries. It had been a true mess. Their yard was perpetually crammed with reporters, whereas their home still had a hole within the roof. Guy claimed that if she was duty-bound to mend it, she ought to then truly own the stone still.

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They refused the primary provider to shop for the meteor, from the Smithsonian establishment, as a result of they saw the provide as inadequate and insulting. However, it absolutely was the sole party who showed any interest. Nobody offered to shop for the stone once more. Exhausted from everything and defeated, Ann given the meteor to the Alabama depository of explanation, basic cognitive process the fallen rock was a nasty omen that had brought nothing however distress and bad luck in their lives.

Some suppose Ann and her husband weren’t equipped enough to subsume the subject matter. Others that they didn’t use their fame to cut price with the media whereas it lasted. What’s, needless to say, is that they attained nearly nothing out of it, and whereas her wounds recovered and also the craze was all gone, the expertise of what they’d been through stayed with them for all times.

Randy Mecredy, director of the Alabama depository, gave his opinion to National Geographic: “the Hodges were simply straightforward country people… all the eye was her downfall. She ne’er did recover afterward.” Related story from us: In 1965, a man’s automobile was hit by a chunk of meteorite, and when his insurance underwriter known as it “an act of God,” he allegedly visited the church in search of payment. Unable to deal with the aftermath showing emotion, the couple split in 1964 when Ann Hodges had suffered a vast crack-up. Together with her health deteriorating and in a very fragile condition, she found herself in a very rest home, wherever she died alone from renal failure in 1972. to the current day, Ann Hodges is that the solely recorded victim of a meteor strike who has lived to inform the story.

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