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Babiya ! The only vegetarian crocodile in the world

Is a Vegetarian Crocodile Babiya Really Guarding This Temple in Kerala,

A ‘vegetarian’ crocodilian reptile named Babiya guards a temple in Kerala. He’s aforementioned to be friendly enough to share the lake with the monks’ World Health Organization generally takes a dip there. Can a crocodilian reptile survive without meat? Do such crocodiles exit? Affirmative, this could sound freaky, however, there is one crocodilian reptile, that does not consume meat the least bit. It’s unimaginable however true. And if you’re lucky enough, you’ll even get an opportunity to envision her. A sacred lake within the premises of a temple advanced during a village referred to as Ananthapura within the Kasargod district of Kerala is the home of Babiya. This temple is of nice significance as a result of it’s believed to be the principal seat of the Ananthapadmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram.

Babiya vegetarian crocodile
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So, what will Babiya eat if not meat? in keeping with the locals and the monks, Babiya consumes the vegetables offered to the spiritual being. Apparently, the locals believe that Babiya does not even eat fish from the lake. She follows a feeder diet consisting of poached rice and sugar and has been living there for 70 years. Babiya resides during a cave adjacent to the lake and on hearing her name, she would swim across to possess her meal at 12 noon.

Is  Babiya Really Guarding Thiruvananthapuram Temple in Kerala?

Interestingly, Babiya guards the temple and is not like normal crocodiles. The vertebrate is friendly enough to share the lake with the monks. World Health Organization generally takes a dip in its water. So, it establishes the actual fact that folks do not worry about the presence of a crocodilian reptile that is typically thought of deadly. Babiya typically visits another lake close to the temple advanced and returns when defrayal a while there.

Babiya crocodile
Image credits: Pixabay

Another legend narrates a special story regarding Babiya’s existence. Once Shree Vilvamangalathu, lover of Lord Vishnu, was doing penance for his favorite lord. Whereas he was in his prayers, Lord Krishna within the variety of a touch boy appeared and began irritating him. Being irritated by the behavior of the kid, the saint pushed Krishna aside. The boy now disappeared into a close-by cave and so the reality was dawned on the saint. The crevice into that Krishna is alleged to possess disappeared still exists within the temple. The crocodilian reptile quietly guards the doorway and therefore the shrine.

The Ananthapura lake temple and its deities

Dedicated to Ananthapadmanabha Swamy, the Ananthapura lake temple lies within the center of the Ananthapura lake that is a pair of acres long, and is that the solely lake temple within the southern Indian state of Kerala. The walls of the temple square measure adorned with a formidable assortment of ancient paintings and complex wood carvings, and therefore the deities of the temple were made from an uncommon mixture of over seventy medicative substances, referred to as ‘Kadu-Sharkara-Yogam’. Though, several of them square measure currently within the variety of Panchaloha metal.

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