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American Blue Rabbit : Breed Information & Characteristics

The Blue Rabbit breed is over 100 years previous and was created in the American state by a person named Mr. Lewis H. Salisbury. To develop this breed, it’s believed that a number of what he used enclosed Blue Flemish Giants, Blue Viennas (now extinct), Blue Beveren, and Blue Imperials (now extinct.) When this breed was initially developed, it absolutely was referred to as the “German Blue,” however once warfare II there was a general ill will against Germans. Several families modified their names (including my own) to sound less German. My father’s facet of the family wont to be “Diehl” and has become “Dahl.” Likewise, the name of this rabbit breed was modified from German Blue to yank Blue.

American Blue Rabbit
Image by kasiaczernik from Pixabay

American Blue rabbits have a chordophone body form. A mature male weighs in around 9/11 lbs and a mature feminine weighs in around 10-12 lbs. The rabbits usually are available 2 colors: wealthy, deep blue or unusual person white with red eyes. Rabbits square measure born with a distinct color square measure referred to as “sports” and don’t seem to be thought of to be smart for keeping breed standards. That said, even the sports square measure lovely. one in every of our will produces breed normal kits – blue/white. Another doe produces a number of these color variant kits. they’re fine for all functions, meat, pets, etc., however, we are going to not breed the “sports.”

American eutherian mammal Breed Conservancy lists the yank Blue rabbit breed as “critical low.” The breed was nearly extinct, however is getting down to gain quality another time. American Blue rabbits square measure a superb heritage breed rabbit. they need lovely soft fur, square measure an honest-sized rabbit, and ideal for meat production. However besides that, yank Blue rabbits even have terribly friendly, docile personalities. they’d build nice pets! anytime I am going resolute our rabbits, every one of them greets Pine Tree State. The young kits also will collect on each other to urge nearer to Pine Tree State as I feed and water them…and look ahead to Pine Tree State to scratch their ears and rub their backs. they’re associate degree well-rounded glorious rabbit.

American Blue Rabbit
Image Source: Instagram

While different breeders were operating to develop associate degree all blue rabbit. Lewis Salisbury’s strain of Yankee Blues was thought of as the most effective within the country for many years before 1917. In time, the best chordophone habitus was set and therefore the characteristic deep blue color was mounted. within the period of development, specimens were usually troubled with brown patches and plenty of stray white hairs throughout the coat. A white selection was recognized in 1925, created from white sports thrown from the yank Blues and therefore the addition of White Flemish large blood.

The popularity of the yank was virtually instant, quickly spreading throughout the state. By 1920, furriers were paying the unbelievable value of $2.00 for an honest pelt and a breeding age doe would begin at $25.00. Each of the blue and white varieties maintained a preferred following through the 1940s, however by 1950 the interests of rabbit breeders had modified to others of the various breeds that had been developed or foreign into this country. The yank rabbit is exclusive and restricted to North America.

Americans square measure giant rabbits with mature greenbacks consideration 9 to 11 pounds and will at 10 to 12 pounds. They’re a hardy breed, docile in nature, turn out giant litters, and square measure generally smart mothers. Fryers build marketable weight fairly quickly and square measure simply unbroken on wire bottom hutches. The blue selection is that the deepest blue color of any of the recognized breeds in America.

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