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Kukur Tihar ! A festival of worships dogs in Nepal

Diwali is a time in Nepal where people worship the dogs

On Kukur Tihar, the pooches area unit showered amorously, garlands and treats. Whether or not you think of dogs, this tiny Nepalese tradition can restore a number of your religion in humanity. Each year, on the second day of the 5 day’s Diwali celebrations in Nepal, the country celebrates Kukur Tihar, or “day of the dogs” by attending a man’s four-legged friend. Pooches of all kinds strays and pets are showered with flowers, adorned with garlands and tilak or gulal. Once a ceremonial puja, they’re treated to take advantage of, eggs, meat, pet food, or something they like. This year, Kukur Tihar is going to be celebrated on Sunday, 27 October.

Kukur Tihar
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Festival of Kukur Tihar, that falls on a constant day as Choti Diwali, pets and strays are treated alike. They are clothed with garlands as an emblem of respect and dignity. The dogs are adorned with red tika or tilak, with kumkum or gulaal beside rice and food, terribly almost like any tilak ritual in Hindu tradition.

Nepal’s Kukur Tihar: the backstory

Nepal’s dog worshipping tradition comes from Hindu mythology. Within the Mahabharat, once the Pandavas began on their final voyage to Swarga. A dog follows them on their journey. On the journey, Yudhistra loses his brothers and spouse, however, the loyal dog follows him until the gate. The texts say that Yudhishtira refused to enter heaven while not the dog, such as the bond they fostered.

Kukur Tihar Nepal
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Elsewhere, within the Rigveda, Samsara, the mother of dogs, assists Indra in convalescent his purloined cows. Bhairava, associate degree avatar of Lord Shiva, uses a dog as his warhorse. Yamraj, the God of Death, additionally has 2 watchdogs that guard the gates of hell. But dogs don’t seem to be the sole animals celebrated in Nepal. On the primary day of Tihar, a five-day pageant, the crow is loved. On the third day, it’s cows within the morning and Laxmi, the god of wealth within the evening. On the fourth day, different folks worship different beings together with oxen, mountains, or perhaps themselves!


And therefore the pageant is spreading. In 2016, the North American nation adopted the Kukur Tihar. Wherever locals walked their pets to Revolution sq. in the capital of Mexico and bedecked them with garlands and tika, similar to what they are doing in Nepal. It’s a concept price adopting and the gods can bless us for it.

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