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Lexie Alford : Who Visited 195 Countries In The World

From the Asian nation to Jordon to the capital of Nepal to Pakistan, 21-year-old mortal Lexie Alford has been to each country within the world. Lexie Alford has formally broken the Guinness record by changing into the youngest person to go to the 196 sovereign nations. And here I’m, still saving up cash to travel to Goa! For Lexie, travel is in her blood. She shared however her folks. He would take her out of college to travel. “Travel has been a neighborhood of my life since before I will bear in mind. My folks would take Maine out of college and place Maine on freelance study for weeks and months at a time per annum,” she recalled in an associate degree interview with a magazine.

Lexie Alford
Image by Lorri Lang from Pixabay

Lexie Alford, who goes by the handle @lexielimitless on Instagram, has practiced it all. From sunrise in the Asian nation to shooting a gun within the war-struck country of Asian nation and visiting the metropolis Exclusion website. “My folks placed loads of importance on exposing Maine to each means of life around the world which had an awfully profound impact on the person I’m these days. I’ve perpetually had a curiosity concerning alternative people’s ways in which of life and the way they notice happiness.” On Instagram, Lexie typically shares photos of individuals she has met on her adventures, one such being of the youngsters from the United Republic of Tanzania that her to price everything she takes with no consideration.

So, what impressed Lexie to interrupt the record (previously control by James Asquith at the age of 24)? “The terribly initial time I assumed concerning breaking the globe record was in Gregorian calendar month 2016 in my home, California,” she said. “I was able to begin my gap year once I born the thought of going back to high school and commenced to pursue the record regularly. I perpetually knew I needed to require break day to travel therefore I have been operating each job I might notice and save since I used to be 12-years-old,” she additional.

Lexie Alford
Source: Instagram

Lexie’s journeys area unit self-funded; she saves up for them and plans her itineraries meticulously. “I do loads of analysis beforehand to search out the simplest deals, utilize points and miles for my flights, keep in low-cost accommodation like hostels or produce content for hotels in exchange for accommodation. I’ve conjointly created a guarantee to keep my monthly overhead as low as doable by living reception with my folks. I do not have an automobile payment or student debt and that I don’t pay my cash on unneeded material possessions,” aforesaid Lexie within the interview.

Around the world in twenty-one years! Lexie’s Instagram is giving the United States major vacation goals. Growing up in an exceedingly family that treasured to travel conjointly meant Alford had already visited concerning seventy countries by the age of eighteen. More recently, however, Alford traveled on her own, and as a girl, she had to require safety precautions. aboard budget and private interest, generally, safety would play a neighborhood in however long Alford would pay in an exceedingly country, whether or not 3 days or 3 weeks.

“I’ve spent over a month in Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Indonesia, Swiss Confederation, and additional as a result of I actually have such a lot I in person have perpetually needed to try and do in those countries and there area unit ways in which do build those journeys additional cheap financially,” Alford aforesaid. “Then there area unit some countries like African nation, South Sudan, Asian nation, and Somalia that I’d have treasured to pay over a number of days exploring however sadly I did not have the budget to require the correct security precautions necessary to travel throughout those countries safely.”

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