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The floating tap faucet or the magic fountains

The floating tap faucet fountain could be a clever illusion. It accommodates a regulator enigmatically hovering higher than a pool or basin with an endless offer of water gushing out of it from apparent obscurity. The floating tap remains astonishingly steady despite having no visible support and wherever is all this water returning from? This spectacular result is achieved by a clear tube within the middle of the water column that holds the faucet in situ and, at an equivalent time, keeps feeding it with water pumped up from below. The water goes up through the tube and exits at the highest. The water column, which is sometimes turbulent, effectively hides the tube from reading.

floating tap
Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Several large floating tap faucet fountains are often found around European nations, Belgium, the US, Canada, and alternative components of the globe. Some area unit permanent installation, others area unit temporary art items. The one below is found at Aqualand, Puerto DE Santa María, Spain.

Image Credits Amusing Planet

Another one tap

Image Credits Amusing Planet

Another one at Sanda Galdana, Menorca Spain

Image Credits Amusing Planet

This is a picture of Ypres, Belgium

Image Credits Amusing Planet

A magic tap was installed at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in London UK

Image Credits Amusing Planet

A magic tap in Switzerland

If you have seen magic tap fountains anywhere, tells us and submit your photo.

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