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Saudi Arabia ! The only country without river

There is no river or lake in Saudi Arabia

Saudi peninsula, the only country with the complete earth is sandy, and also the climate is tropical desert. Oil is found here in large quantities,  this country has conjointly become wealthy, however, there’s a large lack of water or say that there’s no drinking water found in this country. There’s neither one stream nor lake. There’s a water well however there’s no water in it. There’s gold here, however, it is located very deep in the earth. Thus currently the question arises that from wherever will Saudi Arabia brings water for drinking. So, let’s tell you the shocking issue behind it.

Saudi Arabia ! the only country without river
Pic of Saudi Arabia. Image Credits : Pixabay

Let me know how Saudi Arabia gets water supply

Only one piece of the land in this country ( Saudi Arabia) is productive and solely many vegetables are unit adult in it, as a result of growing crops like paddy and wheat, requires plenty of water. Though wheat cultivation was started here once, however thanks to lack of water, it had to be discontinued later. People of Saudi Arabia have to be compelled to purchase all their food and drink from abroad. Saudi Arabia currently has little or no spring water left which too is at an awfully low level, however, it’s being aforesaid that within the coming back years it’ll even be utterly finished. As per the report, earlier Saudi Arabia has several water wells, that had been in use for thousands of years, however, because the population accumulated, the exploitation of spring water conjointly accumulated here.

How they get drinking water from the ocean and how much it cost?

The foremost vital issue is that it rains here just for each day or 2 which too with the storm. Ocean water is created drinkable here. The quantity of salt within the ocean water is high, therefore the salt is separated from the ocean water by chemical action, so it becomes drinkable.

Saudi Arabia- The only country without river
Image Credits : Pixabay

Saudi Arabia spends solely a section of its countless earnings from oil to create ocean water drinkable. Report of 2009 figure, at that point it values a pair of .57 Saudi riyals i.e. concerning fifty rupees to separate salt from one metric capacity unit of water. The price of transporting conjointly accustomed be one rial (more than twenty rupees) per metric capacity unit. currently, this expenditure should even have accumulated, as a result of the demand for water here is increasing once a year.

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